Ghost Adventures: Los Coches Pictures

The Ghost Adventures crew travels to Soledad, CA to investigate an abandoned and haunted road house.
Episode: Los Coches Adobe

Old Stagecoach Road

The Ghost Adventures Crew on Old Stagecoach Road in Soledad, CA. The road’s haunted past was later investigated by Zak Bagans and Billy Tolley.

Los Coches Adobe

The Los Coches Adobe was a bustling stop for travelers looking for gold in California.

Haunted Wallpaper

According to local legend, there was only one set of pictures successfully developed of the wallpaper in Los Coches Adobe. After it was developed the picture showed a wallpaper from a previous era and not the wallpaper that was there at the time the picture was taken.

Withered Wallpaper

The wallpaper on the wall of Los Coches Adobe has withered away over the years. The last residents of Los Coches Adobe were believed to have lived here in the middle of the 20th century.

Los Coches Adobe Sunset

The sun sets over Los Coches Adobe. Zak Bagans looks longingly at the house where he, Aaron, Billy, and Jay will soon perform their lockdown ritual.

Dark Hallway

A dark hallway in the Los Coches Adobe. There are stories of a spirit called the “lady in black” who has been seen in and around the building.

Mayor of Soledad

The Mayor of Soledad, CA opens up on camera about why he will not set foot in the haunted Los Coches Adobe.

Vandalism at the Adobe

The walls in Los Coches Adobe show places where vandals would break in and try and steal the old miners gold.

Danger Zone

Zak wears his gas respirator to prevent him from spirits as he explores the more dangerous parts of Los Coches Adobe.

Exploring the Grounds

Zak explores the haunted grounds of the Los Coches Adobe. A body of running water near the area is believed to contribute to the paranormal activity.

Oak Grove Inn

At one point in its history Los Coches Adobe was renamed the Oak Grove Inn after a row of oak trees was planted around the building. Some of those trees still stand on the property.

Explaining Los Coches Adobe

Zak Bagans explains the paranormal activity that surrounds the Los Coches Adobe. This area was first settled in 1841, when California was still the territory of Mexico.

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