Ghost Adventures: Lutes Casino

Zak and the crew travel to Yuma, Ariz., to investigate a series of mysterious attacks inside a former casino with a shady past. The intense lockdown reveals a childlike entity with a dark, sinister presence roaming the building.

Ghost Adventures Crew

Yuma is situated on the banks of the Colorado River, and its history is both wild and dangerous. When you look at the river today, it’s a gentle presence next to the city, calmly flowing along the border of Arizona and California and on into Mexico. But look back just over a century ago — back to when Lutes Casino was built — and this was a different place.

Unknown Connection

Originally called the Molina Building, the former store and hotel was constructed in 1901. By 1902, clairvoyant Madame Romonia moved in to an upstairs room to hold séances and see her clients. Could she have opened up some connection with the other side that has never been closed?

Welcome to Yuma

This might have been where the elites met at one point, but this building has sat empty since the 1970s. If the Lutes family is going to preserve these buildings, the crew needs to confront the dark entities inside.

Risky History

Though it’s called a casino, there hasn’t been gambling here in decades. But you definitely take a risk when you wander up above the restaurant to the abandoned part of the building.

Something Sinister

The hotel has seen its share of crime from burglaries to beatings, and we know at least one man was found dead in his room back in 1974.

Best Fans Ever

No matter where the crew is investigating, they always have time for the best fans in the world.

Violent Encounters

People foolish enough to visit have been scratched and pushed, and some have felt a force overtake them — a kind of temporary possession.

Lyric Theater

The Lyric Theater has been a part of this complex since the 1920s, showcasing performances and then movies for decades. In 1942, a fire burned the projection room, though everyone watching the movie at the time escaped without injury. Apparitions have been seen here and objects have been thrown at investigators.

Winchester Vibes

The intricate hallways inside the Lutes Casino are similar to the ones inside the Winchester Mystery House, causing confusion and disorientation among visitors.

Unseen Forces

Witnesses have been scratched and burned by unseen forces, they’ve been grabbed, and one former employee believes something up there tried to possess her.

Sleep Tight

Would you be brave enough to spend the night here?

Spirits Remain

Remnants of the Lutes Casino’s former life still remain.

The Hauntings

Given both the hotel and theater were transient places where countless people came and went over the years, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who might be haunting this space.

Unexplained Entities

Some witnesses report a little girl, though we found no record of any children dying here. But it makes us wonder if this could be some kind of trickster spirit or something darker.

Lockdown Time

There’s over a century of history inside this place — who knows what we’ll find. Join us for the investigation into Lutes Casino this Saturday at 9|8c.

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