Ghost Adventures: Melrose Hotel

Zak and the crew investigate a historic hotel plagued by dark spirits in Grand Junction, CO. The vicious entities seem to target only men and may have even been responsible for a brutal murder involving the hotel's previous owners.

Ghost Adventures Crew

What do you do when you try to make a go of a small business like this boutique hotel, but you can’t seem to escape its dark past?

Hotel Melrose

What do you do when the former owner murdered his wife, possibly in the basement of this building, and something sinister is scaring your staff? You call us.

Dream to Nightmare

When the Ponsford family built this hotel with their bare hands back in 1908, it was the epitome of the American Dream. After the family sold the business in 1994, it would turn into a nightmare.

Check In

Many people have checked in here over the years, but not all of them checked out.

Setting Up

The staff believes members of the original Ponsford family may be haunting this building, but those spirits aren’t harming anyone. However, in the basement lurks something much more dangerous that may be responsible for physically attacking some of the staff and possessing at least one other person.

Satanic Rituals

As recently as a few months ago, Joya, the owner, found jars in the basement with bones and blood in them. She believes a former manager was performing some kind of Satanic rituals down there.

Renovating the Melrose

Joya has been making a big effort to revitalize this building. She’s fixing up everything about this place from the rooms to the exterior but something she can’t fix are the dark entities lurking inside this building.

Dark Apparitions

The current manager, Chris Bickford, has been working here for two years. He also lives in one of the rooms. He says things have gotten bad since September of 2018. He’s seen an apparition that looks like a woman in a family photo near his desk.

Mysterious Figures

Zak speaks with a current resident of the Melrose Hotel, Travis. He said he’s noticed weird things like doors opening by themselves. Recently, he had to go to the hospital because he woke up with bruises covering his body. His most frightening experience happened when he saw a figure in his mirror.

Room 15

We know a death occurred in room 15, but the owner didn't provide us with any more information than that.

The Basement

The crew must remain on high alert at all times during this investigation.

Lockdown Time

Ghost Adventures locks down the Melrose Hotel this Saturday at 9|8c.

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