Ghost Adventures: Museum of the Mountain West

Zak and the crew head to a museum in Montrose, Colorado, where something is threatening the health of its employees. During the investigation, they uncover the property's violent history and gather disturbing evidence of a dangerous entity.

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Photo By: Scotty Kenton

Ghost Adventures Crew

It’s off to the wild, wild west for the Ghost Adventures crew – the Museum of the Mountain West, that is.

Museum of the Mountain West

In Montrose, CO, the Museum of the Mountain West features 20 buildings and more than 500,000 old west artifacts. But it wouldn’t be an episode of Ghost Adventures without some spirited sightings…

Ghost Town

Each of the buildings started somewhere else, but was brought here in the last 20 years.

Murder House

Owner Rich Fike says the “murder house”, in which a man allegedly murdered his entire family in the 1930s, is especially haunted. Inside the house, visitors have been known to stop on the third step, unable to move any further. Are they frozen in fear or is it something more sinister?


The original location for the house was 201 S 5th Street in Montrose. It was moved here in the spring of 2016. It's extra spooky at night.

General Store

The general store inside the main building of the museum is filled with antiques, which could very well have spirits attached to them.

Inside the Saloon

Back in 2002, a woman passed away in the saloon on the day of her granddaughter's wedding. She was alone when she died, and the police were unable rule out homicide as the cause of death. On the same day, a clock in the saloon that had been broken for quite some time suddenly began working again when the woman died, but mysteriously broke again after her burial.

Carriage House

The Carriage House has most of the paranormal reports of all the buildings. Fike says boxing legend Jack Dempsey once trained in here, and he’s also heard a Native American man was hanged on the property.

Spooky Relics

One of the four real human skulls located inside the Museum of the Mountain West rests next to an antique typewriter. If that doesn't send chills down your spine, we're not sure what will!

Carriage Ride

Zak hitches a ride for his tour of the town and he looks just a little apprehensive…

Paranormal Activity

Zak speaks with Professor Mark Todd, who teaches at Western State Colorado University. His class came here to study this haunt; they’re looking for help in understanding their findings and the reports from many museum staff and volunteers. What will the crew uncover in this revived ghost town? Find out this Saturday at 9|8c!

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