Ghost Adventures: Mustang Ranch Pictures

The guys visit a modern-day brothel with a sordid history to investigate the working girls’ reports of paranormal activity.
Episode: Mustang Ranch
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Nick looks around the Mustang Ranch Lodge in Reno, NV. It’s still operational today, but many of the girls there refuse to enter certain parts of the brothel due to their paranormal experiences.

The madam of the brothel even brought in a shaman to cleanse the building of any evil spirits -- but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

An article entitled “The Killing at the Notorious Mustang Ranch” recaps just one of the events from the brothel’s history.

Zak checks out a collage of photos that hangs on the wall in the brothel.

The Mustang Ranch is a place where the history is littered with corruption, death, money, sex and greed -- making it a perfect site for paranormal activity.

Zak sets up a camera inside the Mustang Ranch Lodge.

In 1976, former heavyweight boxer Oscar Bonavena was shot through the heart very early one morning outside of the brothel. Many people feel that Oscar is the "demon" that is haunting the Mustang Ranch.

The guys interview Susan Austin, the madam at the Mustang Ranch, who has had an experience in room B-1. The room has a history of paranormal events that are so creepy that most of the girls will not step foot there.

The guys learn that on the morning of their investigation, a maid quit after being frightened by a spirit that pulled her hair.

Blanca, a friend of the maid, shares her own experience seeing an apparition in the parking lot, which she believes resembled Oscar Bonavena.

The guys hope to find out if the paranormal activity at the Mustang Ranch is being caused by a benign spirit ... or a demon.

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