Ghost Adventures: New Orleans Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to New Orleans, LA, to investigate a city that's still haunted by the lost souls taken by Hurricane Katrina.
Episode: New Orleans
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Nick is certainly glad that isn't a real alligator!

Zak enters the Mystere Mansion, also known as the “Haunted Mortuary.”

Today, the Mystere Mansion is home to a massive, permanent Halloween exhibit, which spans the entire basement.

A view of a few New Orleans homes.

Zak, Nick and Aaron film outside May Baily's Place, once one of New Orleans’ most famed brothels.

The bar inside May Baily's retains its historic charm.

Beautiful, but creepy statues occupy New Orleans’ cemeteries.

Tombstones line the streets of New Orleans.

Alligator heads are used as decorations in the voodoo culture of New Orleans.

The guys take a picture with a fan-boat operator.

Before the lockdown, Zak, Nick and Aaron use their downtime to explore the swamps of Louisiana.

Nick survived the boat ride!

A voodoo setup inside the home of Mary “Bloody Mary” Millan, New Orleans’ reigning voodoo queen, who once aided the guys during their investigation of the Magnolia Lane Plantation in Natchitoches, LA.

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