Ghost Adventures: Nopeming Sanatorium

Ghost Adventures is in Duluth, MN, to investigate the Nopeming Sanatorium, where thousands of lives were lost to tuberculosis and spirits of the dead can still be heard echoing in the hallways.
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Nopeming Sanatorium's Haunted Halls

Dark halls inside the abandoned Nopeming Sanatorium, which once provided care for more than 1,000 tuberculosis patients.

Interview at Nopeming Sanatorium

Aaron Goodwin and Jay Wasley film Zak Bagans as he interviews Tom Garvey on the roof of the Nopeming Sanatorium.

A Playful Zak Bagans

Zak wears a mask while on the stairs of the Nopeming Sanatorium.

Out in the Woods of Nopeming Sanatorium

Zak films in the woods outside the Nopeming Sanatorium, whose name means "out in the woods." Historically, Native Americans would take their sick out into the woods for healing.

Back on the Roof

Aaron on the roof of the Nopeming Sanatorium.

Combing Through Old News Clippings

Zak, Aaron, Jay and Billy Tolley research murders that occurred in the Nopeming Sanatorium.

Mother's Day Massacre

Aaron reads up on the "Mother’s Day Massacre" murder and suicide that happened at the Nopeming Sanatorium.

Abandoned Nopeming Sanatorium

A decrepit and deteriorating room inside the Nopeming Sanatorium.

Getting Access to Nopeming Sanatorium

Zak investigates the outside of the Nopeming Sanatorium, attempting to get inside one of the sealed-off tunnels.

Welcome to Nopeming Sanatorium

A decaying wall inside the Nopeming Sanatorium.

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