Ghost Adventures Norblad Hostel

Zak and the crew continue their investigation of the Graveyard of the Pacific in Astoria, Ore., where they encounter a dangerous and very unholy presence in the basement of a historic hostel.

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Ghost Adventures Crew

Norblad Hostel is the next stop on the Ghost Adventures investigation of the graveyard of the Pacific.

Astoria Docks

Zak takes a stroll on the Astoria docks before investigating the Norblad Hostel with the rest of the crew.

Preparing for the Investigation

Zak, Billy and Dakota set up a shot on the streets of Astoria.

All Smiles... For Now

Zak and Jay are all smiles before their investigation. Something tells us those smiles won’t last.

Astoria Abbey Road

Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay with their own version of Abbey Road.

Noblad Hostel

Norblad Hostel is the oldest continuously operating hotel in the oldest settlement in the Pacific Northwest. It might also be the most haunted.

Setting Up

The building was part of Astoria’s rebuilding efforts after the Great Fire of 1922. When it opened, it was new and beautiful, but over time, a dark clientele moved in.

Renovated to Perfection

In 2008, new ownership renovated the hostel to its original splendor. But the darkness can’t just be covered up with a coat of fresh paint.

Rumors Abound

Given Astoria’s dark history, it’s also not surprising that there are rumors of satanic cults that have formed in the underbelly of this city.

Underground Connection

Norblad connects to the underground — a huge network of tunnels underneath the city.

Illegal Activity

Illegal booze distribution, gambling and prostitution were all rumored to be taking place underground.

Strange Footsteps

The most aggressive paranormal activity takes place in the basement, but that’s not to say that’s the only place where activity is present. Strange footsteps are heard all throughout the building.

The Basement

The basement of this building is highly active with sinister activity.

Demonic Entities?

Witnesses who have spent time in the basement say they’ve heard disturbing disembodied growls.

Numerous Attacks

Something dark has attacked people and even frightened the owner, a prominent real estate developer who is used to walking around crumbling, decrepit buildings.

Light to Dark

The steps that lead from the main floor to the basement may very well be the threshold between good and evil, light and darkness.

Meet the Owner

The owner of the hostel, Paul Caruana, who bought the building in 2008. One night while Paul was in the underground area beneath the hostel, he felt a cold presence that sent shivers up his spine. He believes something dark was down there and he didn’t want to stick around to find out what it could have been.

Unknown Spirits

A local investigator said when he first went into the underground below the Norblad he felt nauseous. A short while later, he felt more sick, then he said he felt like an entity was squeezing his spine from inside of his body. He had to leave the building immediately.

The Demon Seer

Zak interviews June Lungren who witnessed an attack in the basement of the building. She calls herself a "Demon Seer;" she can see and communicate with demons and clear them.

Growls from Below

After the attack, she went back down to the basement and started taking pictures and night-vision video. She heard a growl, so she went closer. Then, she sensed the demon was coming toward her so she said she cleared him. She understands there’s still dark activity in that basement and this entity wasn’t alone.

Ley Line

According to June, Astoria sits on a ley line, which might be another reason the city is so haunted.

Locals Speak Out

Zak speaks with a local Astoria resident who tells him about the dark side of the town, and some of the rituals that have taken place beneath the surface.

Hauntingly Beautiful

Welcome back to Astoria.

Check-In Time

Ready to check in to the Norblad? Don’t miss this heart-pounding lockdown, Saturday at 9|8c.

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