Ghost Adventures: Old Montana Prison Pictures

Ghost Adventures travels to Montana to investigate the spirits left at the Old Montana Prison, a building with a murderous past that included a deadly riot.

Old Montana Prison

Zak Bagans stands outside the Old Montana Prison before the lockdown.

Lockdown Time

The Ghost Adventures crew enters the desolate walls of the Old Montana Prison.

Galloping Gallows

The original gallows inside the Old Montana Prison's theater, where many inmates were hanged.

Haunted Cell

A prison cell withers away in the Old Montana Prison.

Setting the Scene

Jay Wasley films Zak outside the Old Montana Prison.

Out of Bounds

The faded "Out of Bounds" sign marks the border of the inmate yard.

Prison Church

Many prisoners prayed here, at the church inside the Old Montana Prison.

Prison Grounds

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and former prison guard Don DeYott explore the Old Montana Prison grounds.

Old Montana Prison

Aaron stands tall in the Old Montana Prison courtyard.

Women's Cell

The women's cell at the Old Montana Prison has been cleaned up to look much as it did during the prison's heyday.

Tower Staircase

Jay and Zak film inside the Old Montana Prison.

Guard Box

An ominous hallway in the Old Montana Prison still houses the spirits of many former inmates.

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