Ghost Adventures: Overland Hotel & Saloon Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Pioche, NV, one of the most lethal Wild West towns, to investigate the Overland Hotel & Saloon, the Million Dollar Courthouse and the old jail.
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Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin take a moment to talk things over at the Overland Hotel & Saloon, where a Navy Seal was reported to have been attacked in Room 10.

The Overland Hotel & Saloon rests just off Main Street in this high desert ghost town.

Nick looks at some of the Overland Hotel & Saloon history that lines the wall.

The Overland Saloon in its current state.

Zak Bagans, Nick and Aaron hang out in front of the Overland Hotel & Saloon.

The highly active Room 10 at the Overland Hotel.

Nick films at Pioche?s Boot Hill Cemetery, where 72 murder victims were buried before anyone died of natural causes.

Zak is filmed walking through the Boot Hill Cemetery.

Boots and flowers were left in memory of John Bass, one of the inmates killed by corrupt jailers at The Million Dollar Courthouse jail.

The Million Dollar Courthouse is aptly named for the amount of bribes and debt that bloated the cost of its construction.

Zak takes a moment in front of the courthouse.

The hallway inside the courthouse.

Aaron captures footage of the jail cell, where prisoners were trapped in their cells ? and murdered -- by corrupt jailers.

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