Ghost Adventures: Phelps Dodge Hospital

The crew investigates an abandoned Arizona hospital where the caretaker is being choked by a dark presence. A strange conflict arises between Zak and Aaron after objects are thrown at the guys and a violent threat is captured on EVP.

Phelps Dodge Hospital

The crew travels to Ajo, Arizona for an investigation into the Phelps Dodge Hospital. Built in 1918, its primary purpose was to serve the local mining community.


Zak says the building is “two hours from the nearest anything”. Isolated and abandoned, this is not a place you want to travel to alone.

Paranormal Activity

Though the Phelps Dodge Hospital died with the mining industry, the building itself surges with paranormal activity.

Meet the Caretaker

The current caretaker of the Phelps Dodge Hospital, Ignacio, lives on the property — because who wouldn’t want to live in a haunted hospital? (*Raises hand.*)

Unknown Forces

Ignacio says he has been physically attacked by an unknown force inside the hospital.

Spooked, Yet?

While making his rounds in the dark, he’s heard doorknobs rattling and shaking. Then there are the door slams…

Life and Death

Three generations of Ajo copper miners were born in this hospital before it closed its doors, and countless people died here. The crew believes the high metallic and mineral content of the ground amplifies paranormal activity and energy.

Creepy, Crawly Things

Most of the rooms inside the Phelps Dodge Hospital will make your skin crawl, and not because of the wildlife.

Operating Room

This is the old operating room that Ignacio believes has some of the strongest paranormal activity he's encountered.

Hospital Directory

And the former hospital directory that used to serve as a connection between patients and doctors is now broken and jagged, much like the spirits here.

Newest Resident

Nothing to see here, just a creepy doll in an even creepier location. Stay calm, Zak. Ghost Adventures, Saturday at 9|8c!

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