Ghost Adventures: Pythian Castle

Zak and the crew travel to Springfield, Missouri, to investigate the ominous Pythian Castle. Once plagued by torture and suicide, this historic building is infected with violent spirits who seem to mimic the living and deliver fatal premonitions.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The Ghost Adventures crew visits Springfield, Missouri, to investigate a castle built for a secret society — feel those chills yet?

Pythian Castle

Built in 1913 as a meeting hall for the secret society of the Knights of Pythias, the building has served many purposes over the years: orphanage, nursing home and tuberculosis hospital.

Castle History

And in 1942, the United States military took over the grounds and used it as a place to interrogate prisoners of war. The cells where the prisoners were held can still be seen today.

The Grounds

The sprawling grounds of the Pythian Castle might seem beautiful on the outside, but the inside is filled with a long history of tragedy and death.

Death Certificates

All in all, there have been more than 100 deaths on the property. The current owner, Tamara Finocchiaro, has copies of 80 death certificates — the causes of death range from tuberculosis to suicide.


Pythian Castle tour guide Cindy Shipley feels a personal, unexplainable connection to the building like she’s “supposed to be” there.

Sinister Spirits

Cindy believes that her brother’s spirit returns to the castle protect her from the more malevolent spirits.

Haunted Room

This room is part of an area where Cindy and her brother stayed a number of years ago. Cindy had a terrible premonition about her brother while sleeping in this room. Not long after, her brother committed suicide.

Tour the Castle

Owner Tamara has had countless experiences inside her mysterious castle. For example, while Tamara was working on renovations, she had sheets and curtains put up to section off the areas. As she walked through one of the curtains, she remembered she forgot something and had to turn around. When she turned to walk through the curtain again, she bumped into a man. Before she could say a word, he disappeared.

Not Alone

During their interview, Zak and Cindy feel a strong, cold energy that makes them both stop in their tracks. From the beginning, the spirits that reside at Pythian Castle make their presence known.

Paranormal Presence

Local paranormal investigator Greg Myers first visited the castle in 2006, and he can't stop coming back. He says that his most frightening experience occurred when a spirit walked between him and another investigator. Greg has seen multiple shadow figures and has even been touched and scratched.

Good Times

During the years when this was a military facility, there were plenty of good times between free performances for the recuperating G.I.s, and this stage was certainly a part of that entertainment.

Prisoners' Cells

POWs were kept in the basement here during World War II. Some believe the spirits of soldiers are still trapped inside the cells, waiting to be released.

Secrets of the Basement

An old military jacket hangs in one of the jail cells in the basement as a reminder of the soldiers who perished inside.

The Investigation Begins

The investigation into Pythian Castle kicks off 9|8c!

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