Ghost Adventures: Reseda House of Evil

There is a home so evil in Reseda, California, that it affects all who dare enter it. Inhabitants are becoming drug addicts and many have committed suicide. Zak Bagans and the crew struggle to keep their sanity when this dangerous investigation quickly turns into an emotional nightmare.

The Ghost Adventures Crew

Zak warns the team the Reseda House of Evil in Reseda, CA may be “one of the most dangerous” investigations ever. Are YOU ready?

Devon Klyne

The owner of the home, Devon Klyne, says someone has died in every single room of the house. 

Reseda House of Evil

According to Devon, all of the deaths have been drug-related or suicide, and he says the “property feeds on drugs.” 

Reseda House of Evil

Is the house somehow responsible for all of this tragedy? 

Reseda House of Evil

The residents are attempting to sell the home—but with its dark past, it may never truly be safe for anyone. 

Maurice Edwards

Maurice Edwards, a tenant, reveals to Zak he once saw an apparition of a woman in the back bedroom of the home. He says he hasn’t been in that room since. 

Reseda House of Evil

Devon says residents have been attacked and assaulted, and there have even been demonic possessions. 

Malai Tien, a tenant, tells Zak he feels a certain consuming “energy” every day that makes him feel not like himself. 

Patti Negri

Psychic medium Patti Negri has investigated the home and says she has never been able to fully clear it. Whatever violent entities fuel this house, they’re not ready to leave quite yet. 

Reseda House of Evil

This message of peace has been written on a wall in an attempt to ward off the negative energy pulsing through the Reseda House of Evil. 

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

The crew visits The Museum of The San Fernando Valley to speak with Dr. Gerald Fecht who may have important information to share regarding history of the area.

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