Ghost Adventures: Riverside Plane Graveyard

Zak and the crew investigate the March Field Air Museum in Riverside, Calif., where employees have heard voices, seen artifacts move and even felt spirits move through their bodies.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The crew is in Riverside, Calif. to investigate the March Field Air Museum. We’re here to uncover what’s scaring some of the staff and volunteers at the museum, to explore the strange events they’ve uncovered on their security cameras and get to the bottom of this unique haunt.

March Field Air Museum

Walter Raleigh once said: "The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul." From what we’re hearing... some of the souls that belonged to these planes may be close by.

Preparing to Investigate

Every plane here has its own history and story to tell. Many of these aircraft saw combat, some took bullets and shrapnel, and others carried the wounded and dead.

On the Base

The museum is located right next to the actual Air Force base. All of this land has been owned by the base since 1918. Only in recent years has the section the museum sits on and the museum been turned over to private ownership.

100-Year-Old History

March Field Air Force Base was established March 1, 1918 when it first opened as Alessandro Army Air Field. It was one of 32 air service training camps established after the United States entered World War I in April of 1917. It’s one of the oldest air force bases in the country.

More of March Field

The field was renamed "March Field" less than three weeks after it opened after 2nd Lieutenant Peyton C. March, Jr. who died in an air crash in Texas.

Former Farm

Before the Air Force base bought this land, this was a farm that contained the home of a sharecropping family, and there was the Alessandro Railroad Station and the Alessandro Hotel. The farm, station and hotel were torn down shortly after the base bought the land. Could this family who once owned this land still be here?

Accidents Abound

This 100-year-old air base has had its share of crashes and accidents that left pilots and crew dead. This museum is filled with artifacts from battlefields all over the world.

Moving Artifacts

Items in this display case were found mysteriously laid out on the floor by museum staff with no logical explanation as to how they got there.

Jeff Houlihan

Jeff Houlihan, the curator of the March Field Air Museum. His first paranormal experience happened around 2 a.m. in the exhibit hall. He was working all night to set up an exhibit for inspection the following day. He suddenly heard voices talking. They kept getting louder, but he was the only one on the entire campus. He asked them to quiet down so he can do his work, and they did. He couldn’t make out what they were saying. After that incident, he started paying closer attention to the building and artifacts.

Sherry Zeigler

Sherry Zeigler is the co-founder of Dead Horse Creek Paranormal. She also has a military background and is a volunteer at the museum. She’s been investigating the museum since 2013. She considers herself a sensitive. She believes there are soldiers, sailors and airmen present at the museum. She believes the F86 has a spirit attached to it related to a former museum volunteer, she said the C141 is highly active and the B17 has a lot of residual energy.


Jeff and Sherry have both had their fair share of paranormal experiences while working at the March Field Air Museum. Jeff has heard voices echo through the halls, and Sherry believes there are soldiers still attached to the building and their military equipment.

Mikey Diaz

Mikey Diaz worked for 35 years as a cop for the LAPD. He’s also a pilot and has been running security here for the last ten years. Early on, he said he walked into his office one day and it smelled like a dead animal. He looked all over for a dead mouse or something like that, but found nothing. The smell became increasingly worse as days passed. His daughter, who claims to be psychic, told him to tell the spirits he means no disrespect. He did, and the smell vanished.

In the library section, he watched a shadow figure walk from one side to the other. He ran to check their security footage, but there was a 20-minute camera blackout during this event. He can’t explain it.

Aircraft Tour

At the March Field Air Museum, there are 70 aircrafts on display.

Vietnam Cargo Plane

This cargo plane has logged 44,130 flight hours. According to Jeff, this aircraft was used to bring back the dead and wounded from Vietnam, among many other missions.

Most Haunted

According to every person we spoke to, this jet has the most paranormal activity.

Dangerous Business

Flying airplanes is a dangerous business. There were multiple fatal accidents in and around this base as planes malfunctioned, overshot the runway or suffered a collision. The first fatal accident occurred just one year after the base opened when Lt. Rippenger died during a landing attempt.

Paranormal Activity

Inside one of the planes. Are pilots from the past attached to these aircrafts? The crew is on a mission to find out.

Mysterious Museum

We know from investigating other museums that every object can hold the energy of the people associated with it. Sometimes those people form such an attachment that their spirits are still looking after the object, just as they did in life.

Lockdown Time

Ghost Adventures investigates the March Field Air Museum, Saturday at 9|8c.

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