Ghost Adventures: Sallie House Pictures

Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay arrive in Atchison, KS, to investigate paranormal activity at the Sallie House. Is the dark spirit a little girl or an evil entity?
Episode: Sallie House
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Sallie House, Atchison, KS

The Sallie House has a dark history of terrorizing and physically harming its tenants. Zak and Aaron investigate the rumors alongside former resident Tony Pickman.

Zak Bagans at Mount Vernon Cemetery

Welcome to Atchison, KS, Zak Bagans — home of the Sallie House.

Meeting at Mount Vernon Cemetery

The Ghost Adventures crew meets with locals at Mount Vernon Cemetery, where they're told about the haunting at the Sallie House.

Mount Vernon Cemetery

Zak on set at Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Aaron Films at Mount Vernon Cemetery

Aaron working on set at the Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Zak Visits the Sallie House

Zak Bagans prepares himself for the lockdown at the Sallie House.

Master Bedroom, Sallie House

The master bedroom of the Sallie House, where former residents experienced paranormal activity.

Sallie House Nursery

The nursery, another room in the Sallie House with dark paranormal energy.

Sallie House Pentagram

The remains of a pentagram on the floor of the Sallie House's basement.

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