Ghost Adventures: Season 9 Sneak Peek Pictures

Get a glimpse of the brand new season of Ghost Adventures, starting Saturday, Feb. 15 at 9|8c!
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Photo By: Ezra Olson

Photo By: Ezra Olson

Photo By: Ezra Olson

Zak Bagans stops to talk to the camera in Bannack, MT, a ghost town that’s been preserved and appears just as it did during the boomtown days of the 1800s.

Hotel Meade in Bannack, MT, was originally the town’s courthouse. But when the county seat was moved to another town in 1881, the building sat vacant until 1890.

This staircase still stands inside the Hotel Meade. In its heyday, the hotel was luxurious and impressive, as well as the social center of Bannack.

Nick films Zak speaking to Aaron during their investigation of the Oman House, a Los Angeles home ridden with paranormal activity.

The Oman House is believed to be directly related to the infamous Sharon Tate murders, which Charles Manson and his cult committed just 200 feet from the property.

Zak looks down the hall towards Jade and Justine as they film inside the Oman House.

The Morris-Jumel Mansion is the oldest house in Manhattan, and it served as George Washington’s headquarters during the American Revolution.

Nick and Aaron take a break at the main entrance of the Morris-Jumel Mansion, which was the home of Vice President Aaron Burr in the 1830s.

Zak sets up a camera outside of Katie's Bar in Smithtown, NY. The bar is believed to be haunted by a bootlegger and bartender who was alive in the 1920s.

The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, LA, is rumored to have been built on top of a Native America burial ground.

Zak, Nick and Aaron approach the Myrtles Plantation, the site of many paranormal experiences.

The site of at least 1 murder, Myrtles Mansion was built in 1796 in the traditional antebellum style found throughout the South.

Nick reflects on his surroundings inside Myrtles Mansion.

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