Ghost Adventures: Sharon Tate Ghost Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron visit LA to investigate residual hauntings of Sharon Tate at the Oman House.
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Zak Bagans sets up a camera by the Oman House in Los Angeles. The guys are there to investigate a series of paranormal sightings at the house. What’s interesting about these sightings is their direct relation to the Sharon Tate murders, which were committed by Charles Manson’s cult of followers 200 feet from the property.

David Oman, the owner of the house, believes Sharon Tate is one of the victims haunting his home. David tells the guys he believes the house is a containment vessel for the spirits because of the geomagnetic energy that surrounds his home.

Nick films Zak speaking to Aaron on the side of the cliff next to the Oman House. Renowned parapsychologist, Dr. Barry Taff, who has over 4,000 credited investigations to his name, has refused to return to the Oman House.

A room on the third floor of the house is open to the hillside, where several psychics believe Native Americans are buried.

Zak looks through items on the fish tank while Aaron and Jay Wasley film. David claims that the figurines on top of the fish tank randomly topple over without warning or explanation, so the guys set up a time-lapse camera to see if this is true.

The guys look through some old photos of the house from the 60s, when the famous murders took place.

A view of the spiral staircase in the Oman House. Visitors to the house claim that the negative energies in the home have followed them, causing overwhelming feelings of death.

Zak, Aaron and Nick take a break during filming to prepare for their lockdown later that night.

Photos hang on a brick wall of a hallway at the Oman House. A witness claims to have seen a bleeding pregnant woman walking outside the house. The witness firmly believes this was Sharon Tate, the famous actress who was pregnant at the time of her murder.

Zak interviews Dr. Barry Taff, who refuses to step foot into the Oman House.

Dr. Taff tells the guys that the US Geological Survey actually recognizes the canyon where the Oman house is built as a geomagnetic anomaly site. This warning makes the guys doubt the safety of the investigation.

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