Ghost Adventures: Silent Movie Theater

The crew arrive in sunny Los Angeles to investigate the infamous Silent Movie Theater. Zak delves deep into a famous murder, learns of the strange death of a beloved savior of silent films and even contacts a deceased movie star.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The Ghost Adventures crew is in Los Angeles, exploring the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax Ave.  

Silent Movie Theater

Built in 1942, one event in the theater’s tumultuous past stands out: the murder of its former owner, Lawrence Austin.

Silent Movie Theater

Austin was killed by a hired assassin, Christian Rodriguez, in the lobby of the silent movie theater. Mary Giles, who worked behind the concession counter, was also shot but survived. 

The Lobby

Some say that Austin’s spirit remains, though it’s been a decade since the murder occurred. 

Scott Michaels

Scott Michaels, the owner of Dearly Departed Tours, knew Austin when he was alive and recounted the events of his murder. 

Silent Movie Theater

The stairs that lead up to the second floor of the Silent Movie Theatre, where the former owner, Laurence Austin used to live.

Jason Flood

Jason Flood has experienced many usual occurrences at the theater during his time as an employee. Would you be able to work in a place with such a dark past? 

Erik Vanlier

\Fellow paranormal investigator Erik Vanlier investigated the property back in 2012. Will his tales frighten our crew off before the investigation even begins? 

Projection Room

Peek inside the projection room and you might not think it’s as bustling as back in the day. But, it’s believed Austin's spirit can still be heard roaming around the upstairs level.

Inside the Theater

Patrons claim to hear seats squeaking as if someone is sitting right beside them. 

Inside the Theater

The beauty of the old theater is inviting, but are the spirits?

Silent Movie Theater

The show is about to begin. Join us, won’t you? The all-new episode premieres Saturday, April 22 at 9|8c. 

Silent Movie Theater

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show – if you can relax, that is…

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