Ghost Adventures: St. Ignatius Hospital

Zak and the crew stick together as they investigate a 127-year-old hospital in Colfax, Washington. The building may be abandoned, but it's far from quiet with reports of visitors hearing strange growls and being attacked by unseen hands.

Ghost Adventures Crew

Something dark is lurking inside this decrepit old building in Washington state — St. Ignatius Hospital.

St. Ignatius Hospital

What was once a bustling place of healing is now a silent tomb for the spirits.

The Reports

A few years ago, the Colfax Chamber of Commerce opened up the abandoned St. Ignatius Hospital to try and bring in some tourism to this small town. But then something happened that they didn’t count on... A number of visitors were attacked by forces they couldn’t see. Tour guides have run out of here screaming because of paranormal assaults and dark figures lurking in the building.

Exploring the Grounds

On April 17, 1893, construction of St. Ignatius Hospital began. It was the first hospital in the Palouse region and it was the only hospital in Whitman County until the 1950s.

Use Caution

This hospital was in operation from 1893 to 1964. During that time, it was the last stop for hundreds of people from this region. So many emotions are trapped within these walls.

The Patients

The first death at the hospital occurred in June of 1893, when E.F. Martin was crushed between two rail cars at the Colfax Depot. He was brought to St. Ignatius Hospital where he "suffered intense pain" from his internal injuries. He died shortly after.

Spanish Influenza

In 1918, Spanish Influenza hit this region hard, killing thousands of people. It wiped out entire families, and especially preyed on children and the elderly. So many people died at St. Ignatius that year that the governor investigated for signs of negligence.

Endangered Property

Facing closure by the state, and a declining population, in August of 1964 it was decided to close St. Ignatius Hospital and build a new facility. St. Ignatius Hospital became an assisted living facility which took in people who couldn’t take care of themselves. The facility closed in 2002 and sat empty. In 2015, the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation added St. Ignatius Hospital to their 2015 Most Endangered Properties list.

Shadow Figures

Shadow figures have been known to follow people inside this old, abandoned hospital, and visitors have run out screaming. It’s making the town wonder if this building is safe.

Rose's Room

A look at what is referred to as "Rose's Room." Tour guides say that her spirit still resides here.

Michael's Room

Michael's room is one of the most active in St. Ignatius Hospital according to tour guides here. Michael was a local boy who suffered a freak accident that left him in a wheelchair. People have heard his wheelchair rolling in the room.

Witnesses Speak Out

Zak meets a St. Ignatius tour guide named Nancy Cochran, who has been working here for the past four years. During her first week, she saw a solid black figure walking through the halls and ran out screaming. However, she was intrigued enough to come back.

Terrifying Tours

Cal Gregory has been coming to St. Ignatius Hospital since he was in high school. He was with a tour group one night when he heard a hand bang on a glass window. They could see the handprint. He ran around to the other side of the wall to see who was messing with him, but no one was there, and there was no way a living person could have gotten out of there in the time it took him to look.

Abandoned, But Lively

Abandoned hospitals like St. Ignatius always have a story to tell. The problem is, more often than not, that story is a horrifying one.

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