Ghost Adventures: Star of India Pictures

Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew travel to San Diego, CA, to investigate paranormal activity aboard the 150-year-old Star of India.

Filming the Star of India

Zak Bagans provides an introduction to the scene at the Star of India, a maritime exhibit in San Diego, CA.

Aaron Goodwin

Aaron Goodwin on the top deck of the Star of India.

First Mate Cabin

A first mate's cabin in the Star of India. It is reported that a military captain who was riding on the ship committed suicide in this room.

David Walters of South Coast Paranormal

David Walters, a paranormal investigator for South Coast Paranormal. He and his team investigated the Star of India and found substantial evidence of paranormal properties.

Jim Davis, Ship Operations Director of Star of India

Jim Davis, Ship Operations Director for the Star of India, by the stairway from the top deck to the tween deck. During his time working on the ship, he claims to have seen many paranormal figures.

Star of India Cabin

Several of the cabins in the Star of India emulate the look and feel of the boat when it had passengers. This room would have been where a child would have slept.

Star of India

Ghost Adventures crew members Jay, Billy and Aaron, await Zak's arrival on the top deck of the Star of India.

David Burgess, Maintenance Supervisor, Star of India

David Burgess, the ship's maintenance supervisor, shares his experiences with the paranormal on the Star of India

Working Class onboard Star of India

A cabin in the Star of India that emulates the conditions of the working class passengers on the Star of India. The ship was often used to transport European immigrants to places such as New Zealand.

San Diego Bay

Billy Tolley looking out into the San Diego Bay.

Filming on the Tween Deck

Zak gets interviewed on the tween deck near the office of Jim Davis, the ship's Operations Director. Jim claims to have seen shadow figures in this area.

Zak Bagans

Zak preparing to film a scene on the lower deck.

Raising the Sails

The Ghost Adventures Crew gets a lesson in raising the sails from an employee of the Star of India.

Turning the Ships Capstan

Zak learns how to turn the capstan on the Star of India. The capstan is a man powered wench that assists in raising and lowering ropes, anchors and sails.

First Class Cabin

Billy Tolley in the Star of India's first class cabin. These living conditions were a tremendous upgrade compared to the conditions that the working class had to endure on the tween deck.

Star of India

A replica of the Star of India ship that completed twenty-one missions around the world. Today, the actual Star of India serves as a historical landmark for the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

Maritime Antique Shop

Zak filming outside a maritime antique shop in San Diego. The crew purchases an old compass that they end up using in their lockdown for the Star of India.

Tween Deck, Star of India

Historical photos outline the tween deck of the Star of India. The ship has been turned into a history museum by the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

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