Ghost Adventures: Tarot Cards

We see lots of spooky fun in your future, Ghost Adventures fans! Collect these tarot cards featuring Zak Bagans and the crew and make sure to tune in to this year's Halloween special, Route 666

The Team

Week after week, the Ghost Adventures crew face ghosts, dark entities and unseen forces at locations across the country. Each member brings his own set of skills to the table and together, they work to investigate some of the most haunted places in America. Ready to learn more? 

Zak Bagans

Paranormal King Zak Bagans founded the world’s largest paranormal group—that’s right, you guessed it: The Ghost Adventures Crew. Learn more, here.

Aaron Goodwin

Nicknamed “Teddy Bear,” Paranormal Knight Aaron Goodwin ain’t afraid of no ghosts…just don’t leave him alone in any attics. And approximately how many times does Aaron say “dude” per episode? Find out, here.

Billy Tolley

From DJ Inferno to Ghost Adventures’ Audio/Video Tech Emperor, Billy Tolley also founded the Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations of Mysterious Phenomena Squad (LV PIMPS). He brings the same fire from his DJ days to the GA crew. Discover more, here

Jay Wasley

Ghost Adventures’ Audio/Visual Tech Magician Jay Wasley not only offers his technical skills, but his musical abilities, too. He plays three instruments: guitar, piano and mandolin. For more, head here.  

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