Ghost Adventures: Terror in Fontana

Zak and the crew travel to Fontana, Calif., to investigate the suburban home of a family who claim they're being terrorized by a demon. During the intense lockdown, the guys are shocked by a satanic message sent through a child's toy.

Welcome to Fontana

Are places haunted? Or people? It’s a question we ask ourselves with every single case we work on. When it comes to the Stremel Family and their Fontana, Calif. home, it might just be the people.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The crew prepares for one of their most intense investigations ever at this unassuming home.

The Stremel Family

The Stremels are a deeply religious family. They’ve been praying, reading the Bible out loud, and singing religious hymns in order to combat the dark presence that’s been attacking them in their home. But it isn’t working. The family has called in clergy to say blessings throughout the house. But still, they say they’re attacked. Lately the children have become the focus of the attacks.

Inside the Home

This house was built in 1999. The only death that occurred here is owner Norma Bush’s mother, Mary, who died of old age two years ago. After her death, the activity calmed down for over a year, but in January 2018, after some construction was done on the house, the activity has turned sinister.

Unexplained Marks

Strange paint marks have been inexplicably found inside this home.

Preparing for the Lockdown

Billy investigates some of the strange markings that have appeared inside the house. The Stremels now all sleep in the same bed to protect the children who are too scared to be alone at night.

The Living Room

Something evil is lurking, tormenting the Stremel family. The crew is here to help discover exactly what is happening here. The family is desperate for help. They can’t think of a reason why this entity is singling them out.

Violent Spirits?

One day, when the Stremel family came home, they found a knife had been dug into the arm rest on the chair.

Activity at Night

Parents James and Michelle say the activity starts to ramp up between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. when they put their youngest son to bed, say prayers and sing to him.


The word "it" appears to be written on one of the doors. What does it mean? That's what we're trying to find out.

Terrifying Incidents

These wrenches were recently thrown at the Stremel children.

Mysterious Writings

The Stremel family claims notes have been left in other-worldly handwriting such as this one.

Moving Objects

The dragon at the top of the photo belongs to James and Michelle's son, Justin. It was recently knocked off the shelf with no explanation and Michelle says his toys have talked to him.

Concern for the Children

Recently, Justin felt his foot grabbed from under the bed while he was kneeling and praying. He heard some commotion downstairs and thought it was his cat, so he went downstairs to check. He said when he got down to the kitchen area, something lifted his body off the floor, slammed him against the ceiling and then the floor, then covered him with water. He screamed and Michelle ran downstairs to find him. She brought him to the doctor and was told he had a slight concussion.

Don't Look Under the Bed

Michelle and James' bedroom is now where the entire family often sleeps together because the kids are petrified. On the night of September 3, they felt something tugging at their sheets. Then, an entity grabbed Justin by the arm and tried to pull him from the bed.

Stigmata Connection?

The Stremel family think some of the strange markings they've found in their home might have something to do with this crucifix. Could there be a connection to the Stigmata?

Quiet to Cursed

Michelle says this house was mostly quiet (though not entirely without activity) until about two years ago when her grandmother died in the house. Since then, the activity has gotten much worse.

Turning to Faith

James says when he feels his family is under spiritual attack, he recites Psalm 23, and that’s when he’s heard growling, scratching and the attacks intensified. For him, the Psalm means he fears nothing but God.

Dark Presence

Michelle's parents, Ron and Norma, might be all smiles here, but something very serious is happening inside the home they share with their daughter, Michelle. Norma’s mother died in the house on September 21, 2016, and a dark presence seems to be mimicking the spirit of Norma’s mother.

Ready for the Lockdown?

The all-new lockdown premieres this Saturday at 9|8c.

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