Ghost Adventures: Texas Horror Hotel Pictures

Ghost Adventures travels to Seguin, TX, for a ghost hunt at the Magnolia Hotel, a building scarred by murder, suicide and dark spirits.
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Welcome to the Magnolia Hotel

Are you ready for a ghost hunt? The Ghost Adventures crew stands across the street from the Magnolia Hotel. 

Outside the Magnolia Hotel

In the late 1800s, the Magnolia Hotel was a 2-bedroom stagecoach stop.

Inside the Abandoned Magnolia Hotel

Later turned into apartments and then abandoned in the 1900s, the Magnolia Hotel has long been a place for squatters and prostitution.

1874 Murder

In 1874, when William Faust was staying at the Magnolia Hotel, he left his room to go kill his wife with an ax. Instead, he murdered a young girl named Emma. His wife survived but was blinded in the attack.

William Faust's Hotel Stay

The former room of William Faust and the center of much of the hotel’s paranormal activity. Seven people have claimed to have been attacked by Faust in this room.

Ghost Tracks

Aaron and Jay film Zak at the haunted railroad crossing that’s known as Ghost Tracks — where locals have reported that ghost children push cars uphill and over the railroad tracks.

Signs of Magnolia's Past

Vintage photographs inside the Magnolia Hotel, which has had at least 14 owners during its 150 years in operation.

Filming at Magnolia Hotel

Aaron and Jay capture footage from outside the Magnolia Hotel.

Zak Bagans at Magnolia Hotel

Zak sets up the lighting inside the Magnolia Hotel.

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