Ghost Adventures: The Alley of Darkness

Zak and the crew investigate an iconic Los Angeles recording studio plagued with a dark presence that may be tied to its past.

The Alley

This small, quaint building in North Hollywood known as "The Alley" might look peaceful from the outside, but inside, a combination of sex, drugs and rock and roll, (along with some death) created the perfect recipe for a one-of-a-kind investigation.

Haunted Studio

For decades, this building served as a music studio and rehearsal space for some of music’s biggest names, including Kurt Cobain, Tom Petty and Michael Jackson.

Unexplained Entities

Employees say they have been touched, spied on and attacked by an entity that vanishes soon after. The crew is here to find answers.

Rehearsal Room

The main rehearsal room of the Alley.

Preparing for the Investigation

Creativity flows in every room of the studio, yet you can feel something seriously sinister in the air.

Music Legends

It's not every day you get to share the same stage that musical legends like Nirvana and Alice Cooper once played on, and it's a feeling Zak doesn't take for granted.

The Loft

Sex, drugs and rock and roll were taken to extreme levels inside these walls. That decadence may have opened up a doorway to something dark.

Autographs on the Wall

The walls in this rehearsal space are covered with autographs from hundreds of musicians who have recorded and rehearsed here. It's said that Elvis' signature was once on the wall, but the previous owner covered it up because he thought Elvis was too cocky. That alone might have been enough to set the spirits off.

The Staircase

Among the many dark secrets of the Alley's past, a man tragically passed away after a fall from this staircase. Does his presence still linger here?

John Strand

The current owner, John Strand, believes there are about 15 entities in the basement of the building, and some are very dangerous.

Ghost Adventures Crew

Who's ready to rock? The all-new investigation kicks off Saturday at 9|8c.

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