Ghost Adventures: The Chinatown Poltergeist

Zak and the crew investigate claims of poltergeist activity at a Las Vegas tiki bar. The staff believes a horrendous shooting on the property in 1995 may be responsible for recent sightings of moving objects, flying shadow figures and a ghost girl.

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Welcome to The Golden Tiki

A night at The Golden Tiki is almost guaranteed to be an eerie experience. Whether it's the uneasy feeling you get from the decorations dedicated to the dead, or an actual experience with a spirit, by the time the night is over, you'll know that this bar is not like any other.

Spooky Decor

The Golden Tiki's decorations are themed to honor the dead. Miniature shrines can be found all over the bar. The ambience created by the lighting and tiki theme make the bar feel warm and welcoming for humans and spirits alike, but countless people have had violent encounters with ghosts in this building.

Museum of the Strange

The bar’s owner, Branden Powers, fears for the safety of his customers and staff. He has brought in a collection of unusual artifacts for his “Museum of the Strange” and set up shrines to customers' lost loved ones. Many believe the items and shrines are what give the spirits such strong access to The Golden Tiki.

Chilling Display

One of the fixtures of this display is a machete used by a head-hunter, which is still covered with human blood and hair. Other featured items include a flesh-eating toad from Madagascar and a fish with a human face.

Stranger Things

A closer look at the “Museum of the Strange.”

Shrunken Heads

Heads certainly seem to be the centerpiece of The Golden Tiki's decorations. Pictured here is the skull of a pirate from the 1700s. Scattered throughout the bar are 75 professionally-made, shrunken celebrity heads (including Flavor Flav and Angelo Moore). The museum also boasts two actual shrunken heads.

Pirates and Thieves Beware

This chilling display of skulls can be found in the bar's bathroom.

Featured Shrines

Customers are encouraged to bring in photos of loved ones who have passed and the owner displays them throughout the bar. In addition to pictures, customers can bring in items associated with those deceased loved ones.

Paranormal Activity

People have reported all types of paranormal activity, including apparitions, voices, being shoved and random inexplicable occurrences.

Unseen Forces

Even though Rob Streeter, the bar's manager, has only been working at the bar for a few months, he has experienced his fair share of paranormal activity. He recalls the time he was jokingly talking to one of the shrunken heads and then was thrown against a wall by an unseen force.

Narrow Misses

Shelley Schaub has worked at The Golden Tiki for three years. Once, a glass candle holder flew right past her ear, narrowly missing her hair. She turned around to see who threw it, but no one was there.

"The Old Man"

Peter Pryor, a maintenance worker at The Golden Tiki, has had a myriad of paranormal experiences in the building. Plugs have inexplicably been pulled out of sockets, and he saw an apparition he called "The Old Man." He was even knocked to the ground by a wave of energy, and saw a shadow figure pass by when he looked up.

Calling In Reinforcements

Paranormal activity is so common at The Golden Tiki that it has driven employees to quit. The owner brought in a Celtic witch from Ireland in an effort to clear the building of spirits, but to no avail. The staff hopes that the crew can shed more light on the situation.

Mini Zak

This miniature version of Zak's head was crafted by an artist who works for the Smithsonian. It will join the collection of 75 miniature celebrity heads on display throughout the bar.

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