Ghost Adventures: The Galka Family Pictures

See photos from this emotional episode of Ghost Adventures, as Zak, Nick and Aaron try to help a friend find peace.
Episode: The Galka Family
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Zak and the guys join close friend Gary Galka and his family in Connecticut to help them find closure after a tragic loss.

On September 25, 2004, Gary's 17-year-old daughter Melissa struck a tree with her car and died 3 days later.

A painting of Mel's prom dress that fellow students made for her.

Since Melissa's death, Gary has become an award winning paranormal investigator and he started a company that produces some of the equipment Ghost Adventures uses.

An employee at Gary's workshop building Mel Meters.

The family puts a wreath on Mel's grave on her birthday each year.

Aaron and Nick filming above a waterfall in Connecticut.

The guys said a prayer for Melissa and the Galka family inside this church.

Zak interviews Gary inside his workshop where RT EVP Detectors are also created.

Zak and Aaron first learned about the Galkas' birthday tradition in the car.

The guys visited Mel's high school before the investigation.

Mel's old room is still exactly the way she left it except for the photos from friends on her bed.

Zak, Nick and Aaron check out new gear at Gary's workshop.

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