Ghost Adventures: The Graber Farm Entity

Just south of the Angeles National Forest and 35 miles west of Los Angeles, sits Ontario, California, a peaceful, quiet city of 150,000 people. The city might be tranquil, but there is one locally famous business that suffers under an extremely aggressive entity. The Graber Olive House - a family-run olive oil company, open since the late 1800s – is plagued by a nightmarish, non-human elemental, known as The Creeper. Several staff members have died after reporting ominous feelings of being touched or shoved in the Vat Room. Others have spoken of seeing this entity crawl across the ceiling. The Ghost Adventures team arrives to investigate what’s going on and ultimately prepares for a night of living Hell.

Careful – You Might Take It With You

The Graber Olive House first began business in the late 1800s. The land here is verdant, with towering California palm trees and thick, lush vegetation surrounding the small estate. These are the best olives Zak Bagans - an avid fan - admits to ever eating. This is also a place that will scare him and his crew, potentially for the rest of their lives.

Immediate Activity

Zak and the crew arrive on the property on an overcast day, meeting first with Robert Graber, the great-great grandson of the man who started the business back in 1894. For Robert Graber, the dark force, known by the staff as The Creeper, presents a real and daily danger. This thing that moves through the buildings has caused physical harm to more than one employee.

Run Screaming

Mark and Debbie Constantino were electronic voice phenomenon experts, formerly joining multiple times with the Ghost Adventure team before they tragically passed away. Mark and Debby once investigated The Graber Olive House. And, Robert Graber recalls that during that very investigation, someone ran screaming from the property. As he tells Zak this story, a fire alarm begins to buzz out of nowhere.

No Cure

The Vat Room is believed to be the most active location on the property. The room is massive, filled with giant barrels for curing the Graber’s California olives. It’s frequented by the staff, many of whom have reported the feeling of being touched and moments of tripping over nothing.

Something on the Ceiling

The Vat Room is The Creeper’s domain. This dark, aggressive entity has been seen crawling out of the olive vats and scuttling along the ceiling. Several staff members have now passed away, and for Zak, this room brings an immediate sense of dread.

Unprecedented Discovery

Zak and the crew bring the EMF meter into the back-barrel room and instantly, the needle begins to jump. Unprecedented numbers register continuously for several minutes, with as much as 30 milligal spikes. These EMF readings are off-the-chart.

Run For Your Life

Multiple paranormal investigators have fled the Graber Olive House and given up investigating entirely. Zak sits down with Kitty Janusz, a fellow paranormal investigator, whose own horrible experience is recounted in admitting, “I have seen many types of elementals, but this is something that has never walked the earth in human form.”

A Boy and His Ball

Is there one elemental disguised as another? The Ghost Adventures team think so. It’s nearly impossible to refute the evidence, when they are shown video and photographs of a young boy in overalls, bouncing a creepy, red ball.

Ancient Rituals to Blame?

Hauntings are not merely tied to buildings but to the land they sit upon. The Ghost Adventures team does some historic, figurative digging on the Graber property, finding that this was originally land belonging to the Tongva tribe - a group devoted to animism and natural beliefs, led by shamans.

The Past & Present

An elemental is a non-human spirit. Could The Creeper have been called forth, either by accident or on purpose, by these ancient shamans? Is this violent force here from hundreds of years past, possibly angry about the city that’s grown up on what was once sacred land?

Don't Provoke the Creeper

Billy Tolley suffers one of the worst scares of his Ghost Adventures career. Imagine, you’re in pitch-black darkness, alone with a small camera, affixed with a tiny light. Suddenly, 20 feet away, a massive crash erupts and something is thrown. His panic is palpable as he bolts back towards the safety of the others in the control room. It’s true what everyone says: This Creeper spirit should not be provoked.

A Last Goodbye

The team goes together to the Loft, where paranormal investigators have been approached by this thing that crawls up walls. While Zak, Aaron and Billy don’t catch sight of it, they do hear two voices, a male and a female, unmistakable utterings in the loft, as well as later recordings on devices left downstairs.

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