Ghost Adventures: The National Hotel Pictures

Go behind the scenes as Zak, Nick and Aaron return to Nevada City to investigate The National Hotel as well as an underground cavern.
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The National Hotel is a historic landmark, and it is one of the longest continually run hotels west of the Rocky Mountains.

Zak and Aaron interview two police officers outside the hotel where a suicide took place in 2007.

Kevin, a local drug dealer, took his life when local police came to arrest him.

Nick taking a break from filming in front of the National Hotel.

Zak talks to some local townspeople around the National Hotel. Former hotel guests have report seeing several different apparitions, the most notorious being one of a little girl who plays in the hallways.

While learning about the National Hotel, the guys hear that the town's underground tunnels and caves have a great deal of paranormal activity as well.

The bar inside the National Hotel showcases some of the hotel's historic artifacts.

Zak enters the mining cavern under the Old Brewery.

These shafts are the final resting place for many Chinese workers, who died inside these caves during the times of the Gold Rush.

Zak shows off his dance moves with a Nevada City local.

Aaron gets pranked for falling asleep on the job.

Zak and Nick set up a shot in a local Spirit House shop in town.

The guys hope to contact the spirit of Kevin in Room 80 where he took his life.

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