Ghost Adventures: The Slaughterhouse

The crew travels to Arizona to investigate The Slaughterhouse, a meatpacking plant-turned haunted attraction. Rapper Post Malone joins the lockdown and Zak is affected by dark energy, leading to a marathon of paranormal activity.

Ghost Adventures Crew

The Ghost Adventures crew (+ one: Post Malone) heads to Tucson to investigate a truly spooky haunted attraction, The Slaughterhouse.

The Slaughterhouse

Built in 1962, this former meatpacking plant spent 40 years in operation before closing down for good in 2004.

It's All Real

Bobby Sutton, the current owner, purchased the property in 2009 with the intention of turning it into a haunted attraction. There's just one problem: it's actually haunted. Bobby's actors, volunteers and staff have reported being pushed, attacked, bruised and even cut by unseen forces.

Bloody Reputation

The reputation of the building is mixed with stories of murder, violence and other urban legends, which makes working here that much more of a challenge.

Scare Easily?

And the props are equally frightening.

The Boiler Room

Performers refuse to work in certain rooms, including The Boiler Room — capitalized for emphasis, obviously.

Heating Up

This area acts as the center for much of the paranormal activity that takes place because an employee was violently scratched while in this room. Workers have heard growls, footsteps and have even had rocks thrown at them.

Behind the Scenes

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of this über terrifying haunted attraction.

Nowhere is Safe

You never know what’s around the corner here at The Slaughterhouse.

Tickets, Please

This is not your average haunted house — you’ll be lucky to get out of this one unshaken.

Fear & Horror

Tread carefully here, crew.

Do Not Enter

Will Zak test Post by leaving him in a room by himself? (Hint: Yes — definitely, yes.)

The Rafters

Ready? Ghost Adventures with special guest Post Malone (!!!) premieres Saturday at 9|8c.

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