Ghost Adventures: The Washoe Club

Zak and the crew investigate the Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nev., for the very last time. A highly personal communication brings the guys to tears, and they experience a chilling exchange with the spirits.

Virginia City

The mountains surrounding Virginia City, Nev. are beautiful, but it's what lies inside the quiet little town that has shaken the crew to their core numerous times.

The Final Time

We’re going back to the Washoe Club, the very location where we filmed some of the most compelling paranormal evidence ever captured. Dozens of people have been scratched on their tours in recent years, and the dark activity is on the rise.

The Old Washoe Club

Considering the dark history of this town and this building, and the spirits calling Zak out by name, we're not sure it’s safe for us to come back here again. This will have to be the final chapter.

The Bar

The bar is still up and running. (Booze never goes out of style.) The Washoe Club now allows visitors to come in and conduct overnight investigations. Tour guide Carl Buehler believes some of these overnight guests have conducted Satanic rituals in the building, allowing even more dark entities inside.

Tragic History

Since we came here last, we’ve learned of two new startling pieces of dark history related to the Washoe Club. First, there was an explosion in the building right behind this one on June 29, 1873. That blast and the fire that followed killed 10 people in town, including those living in this building at the time. The second tragedy involved a suicide that took place here on the third floor in 1982.

Haunted Hallways

People come here to become part of the story. Some people leave with more than they bargained for.

Beware of Dolls

One of the spirits said to haunt the Old Washoe Club is that of a little girl. Perhaps this doll is left here for her to play with?

Journey Through the Past

An archival photo of the spiral staircase gives us a brief snapshot into the long and rich history of the Old Washoe Club.

Infamous Spiral Staircase

This is how the wealthy people made their way to the area known as the "Millionaires’ Club”.

Fun and Games

Inside the once-decadent club were suites, gambling tables and plenty of card games. The stakes were much higher back then, and even dangerous at times.

Meeting Fans

Zak and Billy take a break from filming to meet with fans.

Lockdown Time

The best fuel for a lockdown? Candy, obviously.

Ghost Adventures Crew

Just like old times. Ghost Adventures investigates the Washoe Club for the final time, Saturday at 9|8c!

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