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Built in 1845, Thornhaven Manor sits isolated and abandoned in the fields of New Castle, IN, and the GAC are summoned to investigate reports of paranormal activity.
Episode: Thornhaven Manor
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Back in 1845, one of the richest and most influential men in Indiana, Simon T. Powell, built the biggest house in Henry County.

Aaron, Zak and Nick find themselves in the Midwest for an investigation of Thornhaven Manor in New Castle, IN.

Thornhaven Manor has been abandoned since the 1970s -- which explains the poor, rundown condition of the mansion.

Zak does research on the manor’s history with the current owner of the house, Steve Miller.

During their investigation, the guys uncover this artifact that documents Powell Stock Farms – owned by the original builder of the manor.

Zak gets a wide shot of the manor from the side of the road.

A light fixture hangs from the ceiling in Thornhaven Manor.

Steve takes a look around Thornhaven Manor, finding a bird trapped inside the abandoned building.

The GAC hope to find compelling evidence, in addition to that found by previous paranormal investigators, when they embark on the night's lockdown.

In 1906, the long-time caretaker of the estate, Rueben Bailey, died after being poisoned by his son-in-law in the house.

Sometimes, the most haunted places are the most isolated, and it doesn’t get much more isolated than the farmland of the Midwest.

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