Ghost Adventures: Tuolumne Hospital Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron lock down in the recently abandoned Tuolumne Hospital in Sonora, CA.
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Aaron prepares for the lockdown in the Tuolumne Hospital.

Nick and Aaron film Zak as he walks towards the main entrance of the hospital with audio tech Jay Wasley following them.

Built in 1967, the hospital shut down due to a lack of county funds in 2011.

As Sonora was the epicenter of the California Gold Rush of 1849, plenty of miners passed through the doors of this hospital.

Billy sets up a special “mapping” camera that helps map the movement of spirits that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

A longtime caretaker of the building gives the guys a tour and tells them about the spirit that he calls Ed.

Edward Sampson was the hospital’s caretaker for 18 years.

Will the guys encounter the spirit that the caretaker has named Ed ... or someone more sinister?

The grounds of Tuolumne Hospital consist of the men's health facility, as well as the county's still-operational psychiatric center.

During the Gold Rush, the competition to get rich quick led to gruesome violence, making the Tuolumne Hospital necessary for the quickly expanding town of Sonora.

Full of beautiful wildlife and nature, Sonora is the closest city to Yosemite National Park.

Aaron and Nick film Zak as he discusses the history of Tuolumne County.

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