Ghost Adventures: Union Hotel

Zak and the crew travel to the Bay Area to investigate aggressive paranormal activity at a historic hotel that has endured the brutal California Gold Rush, a smallpox epidemic and a period as a seedy flophouse.

All-New Investigation

The crew prepares for the upcoming investigation at the Union Hotel. It's going to be difficult to pin down exactly who is haunting this hotel.

Union Hotel

Union Hotel has been in business since 1850. It’s seen the California Gold Rush, gambling, drinking, prostitution and two World Wars. With so many people having passed through the hotel, it's not easy to know who it may be haunting it.

Smallpox in Benicia

In 1907, Benicia, Calif. was hit with a smallpox outbreak that spread from three people. One of them was staying at the hotel, and left 40 people exposed and quarantined inside.

Saloon Sips

In its early days, the hotel was famous for its saloon run by Maria Montague. At this bar, you could get drinks, music and even girls if you could afford them.

Hard Times at the Union

During hard financial times in the 1950s, the Union became a flop house. It was well known as a "house of ill repute" and was repeatedly raided and shut down by the police.

Witnesses Speak Out

Witnesses have reported that they've heard growls, seen dark apparitions, have been scratched and have even been driving out of the building altogether.

Intense Emotions

Guests and staff members here have reported feeling depressed and angry upon walking through the hotel doors.

Meet Crying Mary

One of the hotel's most notorious ghosts is "Crying Mary", a sex worker who fell in love with one of her customers. He told her he would leave his wife and come back for her, but when he didn’t. She allegedly hung herself in one of the rooms.

Broken Dishes

Marisa is a former housekeeper at the hotel for 18 years. While alone on the job, she heard the sound of dishes breaking in the saloon; when she went to check it out, nobody was there and nothing was broken. She would often say prayers out loud to keep herself safe.

Noisy Spirits

Before the kitchen opened to guests and even staff members, the former innkeeper, Nina, would hear chairs moving around and plates being jostled on the tables. Thinking a guest had come in, she would look into the dining room to find the room empty.

Paranormal Investigations

David, the fiancé of the former innkeeper of the Union Hotel, conducted his own paranormal investigation here. Within two minutes of being inside, he got a nosebleed and had five scratch marks running down his back.

Dark Entities

Isaiah, David's brother, witnessed his brother get scratched while conducting an investigation. He has seen evidence that suggests the dark entities in the hotel strongly dislike his brother.

The Wild Peony Room

The Wild Peony Room is the paranormal epicenter of the Union Hotel. Nina, a former innkeeper, has seen a woman in white sitting in a period dress facing the wall. Nina reported that her skin was almost see-through, and after a few moments, she disappeared.

Carquinez Strait

The Union Hotel sits a stone's throw away from the Carquinez Strait. This stretch of water has been home to drownings, murders and suicides. Bodies have turned up floating which has lead to numerous investigations.

Lockdown Time

The owner of the hotel is looking for answers as to what is driving his employees and guests out of the Union. We're here to figure out what is tormenting these people. Don’t miss this all-new investigation, Saturday at 9|8c.

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