Ghost Adventures: Wyoming Frontier Prison

Zak, Nick and Aaron rent an RV and drive through the night to reach the remote town of Rawlins, WY, to investigate one of their darkest haunts to date: the Wyoming Frontier Prison.
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Zak outside the Wyoming Frontier Prison, Wyoming's first state penitentiary that served as a virtual death house for as many as 200 inmates.

While some inmate deaths were the result of state-sanctioned executions, others died from harsh living conditions and the infamously brutal violence that took place behind its cold walls.

Rows of cells stretch into the darkness at the Wyoming Frontier Prison.

The guys plan their next move for the investigation in Rawlins, WY.

The Wyoming Frontier Prison opened in 1901 and closed in 1981.

The interview subject, CJ Young, recalls his experience with the paranormal at the Wyoming Frontier Prison.

The shank collection at the Wyoming Frontier Prison’s museum.

Zak and Ted Ford outside Wyoming Frontier Prison.

Forms of punishment at the Wyoming Frontier Prison included solitary confinement and a “punishment pole” to which prisoners were handcuffed and whipped.

In 1916, an addition was made to the prison that was called the “death house.” It contained 6 cells to house inmates on death row.

When the Wyoming Frontier Prison opened, it had 104 cells, no electricity and no running water.

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