Hill View Manor

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate reports of full-bodied apparitions who seep out of the crumbling walls of this former home for the poor, aged and insane.
Episode: Hill View Manor
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Zak, Nick and Aaron walk down one of Hill View Manor's decrepit hallways.

A view of the front entrance to Hill View Manor, home to countless tormented souls.

Aaron readies a camera for the lockdown.

The current owner of Hill View Manor, Candy Braniff, has reported seeing a large "dark mass" in one of its hallways.

The guys prepare a stationary camera before the lockdown.

Zak interviews an expert in one of the many deteriorating rooms of Hill View Manor.

Someone had fun decorating a bedroom in Hill View Manor.

Aaron finds a gopher golf club cover.

The guys play a round of "haunted golf" on a nearby course built over the former Hill View cemetery.

Zak, Nick, Aaron and their caddy review the scorecard.

Zak shows decent form teeing off during the "GAC Invitational."

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