Letchworth Village

Go behind the scenes as the guys explore an abandoned mental institution complex in upstate NY.
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Zak, Nick & Aaron travel to Letchworth Village, an abandoned mental institution complex in Haverstraw, NY.

Nick and Aaron film Zak on the grounds of Letchworth Village.

A powerful and addictive force is said to compel locals to persistently revisit the haunted grounds.

During the lockdown, Zak said he felt something clinging onto him.

Before the lockdown begins, Zak, Nick & Aaron equip themselves with face masks and respirators to protect themselves from the high level of contaminates inside.

Zak interviews eyewitness Jacquelyn Emm about her experiences at Letchworth Village before it was abandoned in 1996.

Aaron strikes a dramatic pose on the Letchworth grounds.

Zak, Nick, and Aaron goof off for the cameras.

Zak interviews Sue, a former nurse from Letchworth Village.

Just before dawn during the lockdown Nick felt an unseen force violently push him.

Sue also feels addicted to the building and continuously revisits the haunted grounds.

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