Old Idaho Penitentiary

Ghost Adventures investigate Old Idaho Penitentiary, where guilty souls are still locked in "Siberia."
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Zak walks through Old Idaho Penitentiary, a place rife with paranormal activity due to its history of violent deaths.

Solitary confinement cells in the Old Idaho Penitentiary, dubbed "Siberia" by the inmates.

Zak sets up the static night vision cameras in the grounds of Old Idaho Penitentiary where executions occurred.

Since there is a lot of ground to cover, the team maps out a game plan for the lockdown.

Zak interviews a man who witnessed paranormal activity at the Old Idaho Penitentiary firsthand.

At least 110 convicts have died within the wall of Old Idaho Penitentiary.

This rose garden stands on the site where many executions took place.

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