Old Town San Diego

Go behind the scenes of Zak, Nick and Aaron's multi-part lockdown in Old Town San Diego.
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Zak talks with Cosmopolitan Hotel manager Miguel Pulido who explains the history of the nearly 200-year-old building.

Zak stands on the front steps of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, while guitar player Carlos performs in the background.

Manager Miguel Pulido buys Zak a shot at the Cosmopolitan Hotel bar.

Nick and Aaron have a "fiesta" on on the water and race jet skis.

Zak interviews Chanel Stevens, one of the reenactors.

The Casa De Estudillo was constructed in 1827 is one of the oldest surviving examples of Spanish architecture in California.

Zak interviews Elena Orozco, a ninth-generation San Diegoan, inside the Casa de Estudillo.

Zak interviews Michael Brown, a local historian, outside the Casa de Estudillo.

Aaron goofs off in front of his own camera.

Zak poses with Chanel Stevens and one of the other reenactors they brought in to try and recreate the 3-day-long parties held by Senor Bandini centuries ago.

Zak performs onstage with the mariachi band.

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