Poveglia Island

The Ghost Adventures team investigates a haunted island in Italy where plague victims, criminals and mental patients were exiled and burned.
Episode: Poveglia Island
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Nick shooting Zak in Piazza San Marco, Venice.

Nick shooting Zak and Aaron on a water taxi in Venice.

A night shot of the Grand Canal taken from the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

The main structure on Poveglia Island.

Nick and Aaron shoot Zak interviewing historian Federico Moro with their translator, Alfredo Salvadego (right of Zak).

Half-finished construction on Poveglia Island.

Zak, Nick and Aaron interviewing Manuel Vecchina on Poveglia Island.

Interior of main structure on Poveglia Island.

Zak and Nick inside main structure on Poveglia Island.

Zak wearing a doctor's mask during the Poveglia lockdown.

Zak and Nick during the lockdown.

Nick during the lockdown.

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