Preston Castle

Ghost Adventures investigate Preston Castle, where Zak becomes obsessed with Anna Corbin and possessed by her murderer.
Episode: Preston Castle
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Zak snaps a group shot before touring a nearby gold mine.

Zak stands in a Preston Castle doorway during the team's initial tour.

The crew shoots inside Preston Castle.

Zak and a new miner friend outside the gold mine.

Zak sits on an old hospital bed in a room that was once used as the infirmary.

Nick, Aaron and Zak (outside Preston Castle) prepare to investigate.

Aaron, Nick and Zak on the front steps of Preston Castle.

Zak waits for the best light to begin his intro.

Nick and the production crew.

Aaron and Nick tape inside Preston Castle.

Zak welcomes you to Preston Castle.

Zak examines the headstone of Samuel Goins, a young inmate that was shot trying to escape the castle.

Nick and Aaron film Zak's interview with Gloria Young on the steps of Preston Castle.

Aaron films Zak outside Preston Castle.

An old infirmary bed and scattered dead roses left behind in Preston Castle.

Aaron reviews some footage inside Preston Castle.

One of the larger, more dilapidated rooms inside Preston Castle.

A view of the top/roof of Preston Castle from a broken window.

Aaron is following Zak and guide down a castle hallway when something catches his eye.

Nick takes a cautious look around Preston Castle during the lockdown.

Zak, Aaron and Nick each grab a bed and wait for the spirits to present themselves during the Preston Castle lockdown.

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