Return to Bobby Mackey's

Zak, Nick and Aaron return to Bobby Mackey's to confront malevolent spirits that physically attacked and then followed them home.
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Zak prepares for the day's shoot at Bobby Mackey's.

Aaron and Nick film Zak on train tracks near Bobby Mackey's Music World.

An exterior view of Bobby Mackey's taken from nearby train tracks.

Zak, Nick and Aaron have some fun while the crew prepares for a shoot.

The crew sets up a jib shot inside Bobby Mackey's.

Zak, Nick and Aaron stare into a hole where malevolent spirits are thought to reside.

Has some paranormal force melted these candles?

Aaron and Nick film Zak interviewing Bobby Mackey.

Bobby Mackey sings 'Johanna,' a song inspired by his nightclub's haunted past.

Nick, Zak and Aaron watch Bobby Mackey perform.

This old table adds to the creepy factor at Bobby Mackey's.

Nick takes on the mechanical bull at Bobby Mackey's.

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