Return to Virginia City

Go behind the scenes as Zak, Nick & Aaron revisit Virginia City, Nevada, to reexamine the site of the 2004 documentary that started Ghost Adventures.
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Nick, Reverend James, and another Silver Queen Hotel worker pose inside the Silver Queen Hotel where the guys recorded their first visual evidence.

Zak waited 7 years to be able to investigate St. Mary's Hospital now St. Mary's Art Center.

St. Mary's Hospital used to used to treat patients suffering from gun shot wounds and mining accidents in Virginia City.

Reverend James of the Silver Queen Hotel and Wedding Chapel poses for the camera.

Zak uses an old photo as a guide to see where the old cemetery on St. Mary's Art Center's grounds was located.

Zak with St. Mary's Art Center caretaker Angela Zelasko who shares stories from the 1800s.

Zak interviews Reverend James outside of the Silver Queen Hotel.

Ron, owner of St. Mary's Art Center, tells the story of a former patient who burned himself to death, taking the life of a nurse as well.

Zak talks with Missy, the bartender at the Ponderosa Saloon.

Camera crew films a woman entertaining on the front porch.

Zak during an interview on the Virginia City boardwalk.

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