Riddle House

Ghost Adventures investigate Riddle House, where Aaron encounters an angry ghost in the attic.
Episode: Riddle House
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Zak in front of Yesteryear Village in West Palm Beach, FL.

Nick and Aaron unload the gear from the van in front of the Riddle House.

Nick and Zak tour the area around Yesteryear Village in West Palm Beach, FL.

The team on the front porch of the Riddle House with the chilling symbols of its ghostly lore.

Zak learns about the reported paranormal encounters with the former Chief of Security of Yesteryear Village.

The team in front of the Riddle House.

As shown here in one of the bedrooms, the Riddle House is kept in the original style of its time.

Nick and Zak inspect their gear before the lockdown.

Paranormal activity, including unexplained voices, has been reported here in the children's room in the Riddle House.

Zak in front of the church in Yesteryear Village.

Despite its cheery exterior, the interior of the Riddle House is chilling and full of ghostly forces.

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