Salem Witch House

Zak, Nick and Aaron try to contact tortured spirits involved in the infamous 1692 Salem witch trial.
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Zak gets "Bewtiched" by a statue of Elizabeth Montgomery in Salem.

Nick tries on a creepy mask in a gift shop.

Zak, Nick and Aaron have an informal meeting in front of the "Gathering at Salem" church.

A close-up view of a desk inside the house of Jonathan Corwin, the judge who presided over the 1692 witch trials.

An exterior view of Jonathan Corwin's house (also known as "The Witch House"), the only remaining structure in Salem with a direct connection to the 1692 witch trials.

A "jury" of wax figures is part of a display inside The Witch House.

Nick stands in a cemetery in Salem.

Zak and Aaron take a break in the lobby.

Nick films Zak in a long alleyway in Salem.

Nick and Aaron in stocks outside the Witch Dungeon Museum.

Nick films Zak in front of the Witch Dungeon Museum.

Zak chats with locals at a neighborhood bar.

Salem's Lyceum Restaurant was built on the site of executed "witch" Bridget Bishop's apple orchard.

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