Sloss Furnaces

Ghost Adventures investigate Sloss Furnaces, where they confront the ghost of a sadistic foreman named "Slag."
Episode: Sloss Furnaces
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Sloss Furnaces in "Sweet Haunts Alabama" opened its gates in 1882 and is now a national landmark with a perilous past.

Zak amidst the maze-like Sloss Furnaces.

Sloss Furnaces sprawls over a large area and looms as high as the local water tower.

Aaron in one of the dark and decrepit tunnels in the Sloss Furnaces.

Zak navigates through the tunnels of Sloss Furnaces.

Is that a look of fear on Nick's face?

Aaron sits with their arsenal of gear for the lockdown.

Nick tries to make his way safely down the steep stairs of the 200-foot tower.

The blower room in the Sloss Furnaces where a gruesome fatal explosion occurred.

Aaron is pumped for another lockdown and for more ghost adventures at Sloss.

Zak sits on the old steam engine where apparitions have been spotted.

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