The Ghost Adventures Crew’s Transylvania Photos

Check out the guys’ personal photos from their trip to Romania for one of Ghost Adventures’ biggest lockdowns ever to uncover the history behind Dracula’s castle.
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“Cool shot of Hunedoara Castle -- so pumped to investigate here tomorrow night.” - Zak

Zak poses with a bust of Vlad Tepes in Sighisoara, Romania.

“At a roadside homemade cheese and honey stand. OMG this is the best cheese, she keeps giving me samples.” - Zak

“A #Transylvania #sunset -- looks fitting I think. ;)” -Aaron

“Chilling in a town called #sibiu in #romania for a bite to eat. So cool here.” – Aaron

Zak snaps a selfie in front of Vlad’s castle.

“Just #bigsteppin in #Bucharest #Romania for a few days. This city is amazing.” –Aaron

Aaron finds a postcard in Romania that’s pretty fitting for their trip to Transylvania.

“We are in Romania hunting the spots of VLAD Dracula for a Halloween special. :) It's so awesome.” - Aaron

“Connecting a lot here with the history. Loving it. Just wait til you see where we are investigating!” - Zak

“Bored at 4am playing around with my souvenirs.” - Aaron

“Been here learning to speak Romanian for a very big investigation tomorrow night to talk to the spirits.” - Zak

“What a awesome place here in #Romania following #vlads past history at Hunedoara #Castle.” - Aaron

“3 a.m. in the Knight's Hall -- awesome evidence so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” - Zak

“Me and you ... tonight.” - Zak

“Climbing down inside Vlad Dracula's cell at Hunedoara Castle.” - Zak

“Was just surprised with a last minute interview with iconic parapsychologist Dr. Adrian Patrut before I go into the forest!” - Zak

“Memorial fountain where Vlad was killed. 11:30 p.m. in Romania.” - Aaron

“More torture chamber rooms through here.” -Aaron

“Just made it to the edge of Hoia Baciu Forest... Just spoke to some villagers whose stories were INSANE!! OMG.” -Zak

One of Aaron’s souvenirs from Transylvania: Dracula in a bottle.

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