Ghost Adventures: Union Station Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron take on a large-scale investigation of the historic Union Station in Kansas City, MO -- site of the 1933 Union Station Massacre.
Episode: Union Station

Billy, Zak and Aaron watch people pass by through their thermal imaging camera, but one image seems to be an anomaly.

Kansas City, MO’s Union Station opened its doors in 1914, and it served as the preeminent transport hub for the American heartland until 1985.

The station is made up of 850,000 square feet of original sandstone, marble and concrete – making it the perfect place to test the Stone Tape theory, which says that energy is recorded and stored in these types of materials.

Zak is excited for their investigation of Union Station.

Actors re-enact the 1933 Union Station Massacre, when 5 people were killed in the train station’s parking lot.

Zak, Nick and Aaron pose in front of a 1452 train engine in the hallway of the station.

The guys set up the shoot in the historic train station.

Many Union Station employees have experienced paranormal phenomena on the station’s main floor.

A 1452 train engine.

Zak and Aaron make their way to the station’s creepy upper floors.

Some of the equipment used for the Union Station investigation: EM Vortex, EM Pumps and a 3-zone on a mini tripod.

Zak and Nick scope out the station before the investigation.

The main floor of the station, which includes Harvey's restaurant and the information booth.

Zak interviews John Kirkpatrick outside the station.

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