Stay Overnight at These Haunted Places Seen on 'Ghost Adventures'

You've seen the Ghost Adventures crew investigate the world's most haunted places. In dusk-to-dawn lockdowns, they've felt the grip of clammy hands, heard eerie moans and chased orbs of light. Think you've got what it takes to do your own vacation lockdown? Find out at one of these spirited sites. 
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Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, MA

This is it: the parlor where Lizzie wielded her infamous axe. She was acquitted of the 1892 murders of her father and stepmother, but visitors to the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum say they've felt the chill of unseen hands and heard doors close by themselves. Like the Ghost Adventures crew, you can stay overnight and even request the bedroom where Mrs. Borden was killed. Depending on the mood of the spirits, you may rest—or rest in peace.

Bell Witch Cave, Adams, TN

The crew had never met a spirit that killed someone—until they investigated the historic Bell Witch Cave. The notorious ghost story started two centuries ago, when the Bell family found themselves tormented by a witch-like entity. Look for it on a daytime tour, or make an appointment for an after-dark experience. Just don't take a rock or anything else for a souvenir. The witch really hates to share.

Glen Tavern Inn, Santa Paula, CA

What lurks in the shadows of the Glen Tavern Inn, once a speakeasy, brothel and gambling house? The Ghost Adventures crew explored this 1911 hotel, where a cowboy was shot and a murdered woman, whose body was hidden in a closet, sometimes knocks to be let out. Listen for the whispers of invisible children as they run through the deliciously dim-lit halls.

Bullock Hotel, Deadwood, SD

Once a frontier outpost, Deadwood has been called America's bloodiest town. Wild Bill Hickok was killed while gambling here (it ended his winning streak as well as his life), and other rough residents have included Wyatt Earp and Calamity Jane. The crew came to summon up Bill's specter, but before their lockdown in Deadwood's haunted Bullock Hotel, they received a warning from Sitting Bulll's great-grandson. Don't make the spirits mad, he said, or you'll suffer the consequences. When you visit, you'd be wise to heed that warning, too. 

Jerome Grand Hotel, Jerome, AZ

The Jerome Grand sits on the site of a now-defunct hospital where some 9,000 patients died over the years. Today, hotel guests hear the coughs and moans of disembodied souls, and furniture shifts while no one is looking. The crew investigated the death of a man found crushed under the basement elevator, and saw a black mass manifest and quickly disappear. Was it a murdered soul? Visit various floors of the hotel when you have your own "lockdown" here—or you might prefer to take the stairs.

Lemp Mansion and Brewery, St. Louis, MO

Perhaps trouble started brewing at the Lemp Mansion when three family members committed suicide. When the crew visited, they found paranormal activity occuring in the caves and tunnels under the old brewery. Book a tour or go ghost-hunting; an infrared camera is provided, so you can capture whatever appears. The brewery no longer produces its original lager beer, but you can grab a drink in the Lemp restaurant. After a visit, you may need one.

Loftus Hall, Wexford, Ireland

Some say Satan himself slept in Ireland's most haunted mansion, Loftus Hall. That seems fitting, since the hall celebrates its 666th anniversary in 2016. This troubled place is now abandoned, but re-opens for scheduled tours and paranormal lockdowns. The Ghost Adventures crew made its way down one dilapidated hallway to the Tapestry Room, where a child's skeletal remains were found behind a wall. If you go for a lockdown, obey all the instructions. The guides can't help you if you don't.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

Author Stephen King was inspired to write his horror classic, The Shining, after staying in room 217 of Colorado's Stanley Hotel. It's said that actor Jim Carrey booked the room once, but checked out, without explanation, in just three hours. During their lockdown in this famously haunted place, the crew recorded weird temperature changes and mysterious mists. Guests have been visited by transparent intruders and heard an antique piano playing in the dark of night. Make your own reservation in room 217, if you dare. We wish you a good night. And good luck. 

USS Hornet Museum

More than 300 people died aboard the USS Hornet during her service in WWII. Some perished from wartime injuries, some from accidents, and a few from suicide. Today, this docked battleship is the country's most haunted ship. Ghostly sailors move about as if they're carrying out orders, tools vanish and reappear and invisible hands slam down hatches. Follow in the crew's footsteps, and book a "History Mystery Overnight" or a "History Mystery Tour." You may encounter some spectral sailors on this "carrier of death." 

Copper Queen Hotel, Brisbee, AZ

Miners seeking gold, silver and copper once roamed the town of Brisbee, now considered the most haunted and eclectic town in Arizona. Male guests at the Copper Queen Hotel often report that a woman murdered there whispers in their ears. The crew encountered a little boy, Billy, the most active apparition on the premises. Book a room and join the hotel's weekly ghost hunt; they'll loan you tools to detect the paranormal. While you're roaming the halls, you may catch the scent of the murdered woman's perfume. 

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