Washoe Club and Chollar Mine

The Ghost Adventures team investigates a bar and a silver mine in this old western mining town.
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The hills of Virginia City, NV, as seen from the van as the guys head into town.

Nick shooting Zak in front of the Washoe Club as they ride by in a carriage.

Aaron shooting Nick and Zak as they ride by the front of the Washoe Club.

Zak and Nick climbing up a hill next to the Chollar Mine.

Aaron shooting Zak and Nick as they ride in a carriage past the Washoe Club.

Zak and Nick in the Chollar Mine as they prepare for the lockdown.

Zak, Nick and Aaron's pre-lockdown discussion captured on their static exterior, night-vision camera.

The hills of Virginia City, NV.

Zak, Nick and Aaron outside the Silver Terrace Cemetery.

Zak, Nick and Aaron interviewing Janice Oberding in Virginia City, NV.

Nick shooting the moon before the lockdown at the Chollar Mine.

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