Waverly Hills

Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate Waverly Hills, a tuberculosis sanatorium haunted by over 60,000 deaths.
Episode: Waverly Hills
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Waverly Hills staff brought patients' beds out on this porch for fresh air and sunlight.

Nick films Zak examining a photo on display inside the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Zak outside the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

After an expansion in 1926, this 5-story sanatorium could accommodate 400 tuberculosis patients.

Zak examines lettering on the floor of the sanatorium's porch.

Aaron and Nick shoot inside the sanatorium walls.

A view of one of the stark interior spaces that characterize Waverly Hills.

Aaron, Nick and Zak get ready to shoot near the Waverly Hills entrance.

A creepy dungeon-like space in the basement.

Aaron takes a walking shot of the rooms outside the porch.

A video camera records a hallway conversation between Nick and Aaron.

The guys check out a souvenir shop. Waverly Hills' current owners operate tours and have restored much of the property.

Aaron gets a shot of Zak and Nick reviewing background materials in the meeting hall.

The crew sets up for the overnight lockdown at Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

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